Licensure Supervision:  Supervision for your LCSW or LSCSW 

Choosing to be a social worker is more than just a job.  Social work is a way of living our life, a value we have within ourselves, and a way of honoring every person's path.  We choose to care for those in pain, and advocate for those whose voice has been taken away.  Being a social worker is such important work.

For those social workers with their MSW who are looking to become a licensed clinical social worker by obtaining their LCSW in Missouri, their LSCSW in Kansas, or both, I provide clinical licensure supervision.  I have received the necessary 16 hours of training required by the Missouri Committee of Social Workers, and my yearly booster training is current (Kansas does not have a training requirement for licensure supervision).  I have experience in working with racially and socioeconomically diverse populations; children, adolescents, and adult women, including the family system; complex, chronic trauma that is sexual, physical, and/or emotional; chemical addiction and recovery; mood disorders, including dissociative disorders; self-harming behaviors; suicidal ideation; codependency and counterdependency; and intimate partner violence.  Obtaining your social work license communicates to your clients a high level of competency and ethical standard.

Within the supervisory setting we will review and establish competency in the following areas:

  • The NASW Code of Ethics
  • Diagnosis, using the most current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5)
  • Therapeutic modalities and their appropriate application, assessments, and treatment planning
  • The use of expressive techniques as a way of healing trauma
  • Documentation
  • Advocacy, case management, and appropriate referrals
  • Cultural diversity, and subculture recognition and value within our client, including client resources that are available to them within their community (family, friends, and community)
  • Agency policy and procedure
  • Case consultation
  • Mandated reporting to the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline and to the Adult Hotline for the elderly and disabled

My expectations for all supervisees include, but are not limited to:

  • Uphold the NASW Code of Ethics at all times
  • Following my recommendations within the practice setting
  • Maintaining a professional presence with appropriate boundaries at all times within the agency setting, the community, and with clients
  • Attend supervision on time and prepared
  • Complete necessary paperwork for licensure as well as with the agency/place of employment

I reserve the right to discontinue licensure supervision at any time if the above mentioned expectations do not occur.

My rate for licensure supervision is $75 per hour.